Healing From the Inside Out

Chalese Stevens faced every mother’s worst nightmare in June of 2004. She lost her four-year-old son when he drowned in a water park swimming pool. From that day forward, motherhood changed into a nautical journey through loss and grief. 

This grieving mother has been able to face her devastating loss by turning her story into the raw and vulnerable pages of this book.  She takes you through the painful emotions of child loss and how she handled her grief. Stevens captures the raw and dark side she endured throughout her loss and how she embraced motherhood once again.

She admits that this healing journey will be a lifelong process, and everyone walks a path that is unique to them. This book, “Finding 40: A Mother’s Walk With Grief,” is about how her individualized healing journey has consisted of the help and love she was given, along with the support and love Stevens gives to others. She not only comforts those who are suffering from loss and grief but also fights for lives not yet taken through her Utah-based nonprofit organization, Rainy Days Foundation. Her healing journey is a light to so many walking a similar path of not just child loss, but to inspire hope for anyone suffering the loss of a loved one.


Finding 40 is a beautifully obscured collection of thoughts, poetry, letters, and raw emotions weaved together in a way that touches the reader and awakens a wholehearted empathic connection. This book lets you into a distinctive grief process that speaks loudly to the necessity of the individual healing journey. The author connects naturally to the deep therapeutic work that accompanies grief, loss, and trauma teaching to appreciate the darkness and still welcome the light, showing the wisdom in our rawness, and always allowing room for hope.

As a therapist and a mom, I recommend this book to anyone struggling with grief and loss, the shame and guilt that comes with being a parent, and those who are seeking recovery of any kind.

~ Meg Martinez-Dettamanti, M.S., LCMHC, CSAT, EMDR-Trained

In her vulnerable and wrenching memoir, Chalese Stevens steps boldly into a mother’s worst nightmare, the day her son, four-year-old Kaleb, drowned. Chalese takes readers through fourteen years of anger, sorrow, guilt, dysfunction, and healing, to the moment she heard Kaleb’s gentle voice whisper, “My accident happened because it was the only way for us to be able to help so many.” Chalese now helps others heal. For those who have suffered profound loss, this book is a must-read. Thanks, Chalese.

JEFF O’DRISCOLL, MD FACEP  I Exist to Help Souls Heal Physician

The Transformational Journey of Chalese

Writing my book, Finding 40: A Mother’s Walk With Grief was one of many transformational accomplishments.  This healing journey has given me the confidence to share the lessons I continually learn throughout my life. It has expanded my horizons into helping others along their own personal path. I do this through my writings, speaking engagements, and energy healing. 

I have been blessed with two more beautiful children and is constantly creating memories. My nonprofit organization, Rainy Days Foundation, helps kids with congenital heart disease. Writing my children’s books, The Adventures of Bug keeps my angel boy’s legacy alive.

I recently graduated from SLCC with an AAS in business and marketing. I am now engaged to the love of my life. With his support and partnership, I am expanding my horizons and building a community of support and healing. My hope is to give individuals tools and hope to take control of their worlds and create their best life ever. 

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Podcast: Keepin’ It Reel with Susan and Chalese

In our first episode of “Keepin’ it Reel with Susan and Chalese,” we share the story of our devastating grief and how we began our journey of healing. Chalese tells about the day she lost her 4-year-old boy in a water park and Susan tells about the day she lost her husband. Both were tragic and sudden losses. They take a deep dive into the events of the day that changed their lives forever and touch on how it has brought them to this point. They are not shy about sharing their feelings and live up to their name of “Keepin’ it Reel!”

Welcome back to Keepin’ It Reel with Susan and Chalese. Today we are talking about a hard topic: organ donations. We discuss our feelings through the process as well as how we managed to heal from these thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There are trigger warnings that we want to put up for this one. It’s not an easy topic to discuss, but we feel it is necessary to do so.